Nina has been having problems to sleep due continuous episodes of nightmares. Every day feels heavier, motivation to go to work fades away, times passes slow. The thin line between her nightmares and her reality becomes blurry. She starts wondering if maybe she should give in to this illness.
My role



Director of Photography


Set Designer


Sofia Subero

Corina Popa

Are you ready? Grab the popcorn!
The Challenge

I received the task of writing and directing a short film that should emotionally move the viewer in a way or another. I decided to pick a sensitive theme, to portray the one moment and sensation that we all experience at some point in our lives, but nobody talks about. I was very happy to accept the challenge.

Strategy & Approach

My goal was to expose on the screen the themes of depression and mental disorders by telling the story of Nina and her fall through delirium. To get to the fundamental question of the feature: If you were given the option to leave this world (being plunged into a state of depression), would you leave or would you stay?

Final Experience

By honoring and disseminating the DNA of the short, the idea was to make the audience enter the same state of suspense and confusion that Nina goes through, immersing them in an inquisitive, personal and oneiric audiovisual experience.


Visual Style & Design Standards    ---

From the initial phase, the focus was on the visuals and the sound design of the antagonistic entity, creating an experience full of suffocation and anxiety that leads the viewers to share the uncertainty and tension that take over the protagonist.

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