It all started with an old video camera

Sofia (not Sophia) Monzerratt, is a human artist who loves to calmly elude the endless black hole of innovative self-existential calamities by transmuting them into meaningful storytelling and visual expressions. She was born and raised in the Andes mountains located in a small yet very beloved country called Venezuela. Now based in New York City since 2016.

At the age of 10, she found an old video camera at her uncle's house, after twenty minutes of pure admiration and ecstasy due to her discovery, she forced her older brother and uncle to participate in her 10 minutes short film (obviously shot in a complex single continuous take) about her dinosaur toys becoming self-aware that they were nothing more than meaningless plastic objects meant to entertain young humans.

She never got to finish her first little masterpiece. Sofia now dictates her life to make films (and other forms of art) in order to compensate and fulfill the irrelevant void that this unfinished psychological dinosaur project left in her life at such an early age.

Inside the industry

After years of formal education and wide professional experience on set, Monzerratt has become a New York based writer, director, cinematographer and fine-art photographer. She has worked on various projects such as short and feature films, documentaries, music videos and commercials. Monzerratt doesn’t limit herself to work in just one genre or format, she’s open to work outside her comfort zone, on projects that have room for creative freedom and visual expression or experimentation.

Monzerratt's carrier’s ultimate goal is to accurately reveal and transport fractions of her inner world onto the screen, as well as to connect to as many individuals as possible through her work. To take a dip into her audience's world and to plant a seed into their inspirations via films and art. She wants to be recognized not for who she is but for what she has to say.

After numerous projects that she has proudly worked on, she found herself hungry for a wider range of professional experience and more freedom of expression, which led her to successfully produce several of her own films in which she was simultaneously (and happily) the writer, director, director of photography, and editor.

She is driven to work on various projects such as shorts, feature films, dance films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and photography projects, as long as they offer room for creative freedom and expression. Her primary goal in every project is to create content that resonates with the audience (and with herself) not only in a superficial manner, but rather in a deeper, creative, emotional and even psychological sense.

Press & recognition

Sofia has proudly collaborated in projects that earned recognition from highly acclaimed festivals and events around the world, including some of the few listed below.

All the films


(Shot half in 16mm film format and half in digital). Richard, devoted to his wife for 58 years, suddenly starts receiving letters from her, written on paper planes flying through his window. Soon he remembers that he hasn't seen her in a long time, he realizes that he's trapped in his house and he can't find a way to send paper planes back to her. One last letter from his wife will make him believe the unbelievable.

Ceiling fan

Due unfortunate circumstances, Larry who suffers from anxiety disorder, finds himself forced to attend a mental institution for 30 days. This experience radically turns his life around when he becomes close friends with a sociopath, Melanie.


Ryan has been enduring a homeless life since several years ago along with his best friend, Jeffrey, who has helped him learn to accept and enjoy his days on the street. One day they witness the scene of a crime which leads them to deal with an unexperienced detective, Megan. Soon enough, Meg realizes that this homeless man she has to deal with (Ryan) is actually her father who abandoned her since she was 13 years old. Simultaneously, Ryan realizes that his friend Jeffrey is nothing more than a product of his own imagination due his drug abuse. Will they still find a way to collaborate to solve this crime or will they let their past affect their future?

Groundfolk Commercial

Groundfolk is a global community of professional photographers around the world.

The toymaker

A reckless teenager, Emily, finds a doll that’s connected to the spirit of a little girl who died in hands of the toymaker. Emily’s decision to break the curse might completely change their faith either for better or for worse.

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