The Last Dance


Martin, a devoted father, wakes up in what seems to be the limbo, with no memory of how he got there. He shortly realizes that every object in this room is connected to a key memory that might lead him to remember why he's there and where his daughter went.
My role



Director of Photography


Set Designer


John Lewys as Martin

Madeleine Lagreco as Emma

Are you ready? Grab the popcorn!
The Challenge

A simple premise: To tell the story of a little girl… Through her father’s eyes. I wanted to show the life’s turning point of an emotional character such as Martin, and from his emotions, create a world filled with atmospheres capable of immersing the audience into a river of memories and nostalgia.

Strategy & Approach

While listening to the main song (Love me tender by Elvis Presley), I took inspiration in themes such as melancholy, nostalgia, beauty and love. After introducing Emma and deconstructing these feelings, it was natural for me to connect with the characters (Emma and Martin) and develop a story based on their interaction.

Final Experience

Due a production design that portrays the inner worlds of the characters, light games that set the tone of their internal disarray, and the magnificent performances of the actors; an abstract and magical atmosphere was created, allowing for the audience to connect and interpret the story in their own personal way.


Visual Style & Design Standards    ---

In order to ease the narrative structure and optimize time and resources in production, the short was divided into five sets: Four flashbacks and the limbo. Within each flashback, specific narrative elements were added into the set production and lighting design, allowing subtle connections between each memory and with the limbo; with the goal of visually representing the relationship between the characters (set design) and Martin's emotions (lighting).
The idea is that each set represents both characters by making use of metaphors through props and color palettes. Even when they are not in the same physical place, their essence is there.

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