Martha Rogers wakes up at home to what seems to be a normal day. However, throughout the day she finds things out of place, her husband has disappeared and a huge existential crisis might come visit her at the peak of her unpredicted isolation. Raising questions regarding meaning and time.
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Rhoda Pell

Barry Brent

Chuck Redman

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The Challenge

This film exhibits themes of isolation, morality and existentialism. Bringing into question the importance and non-importance of time, simultaneously, Martha’s Day was written with the idea of metaphorically portraying the decision-making process that one’s psyche goes through when faced with an issue and/or uncertainty.

Strategy & Approach

The film mainly showcases Martha’s point of view, the idea is to keep the audience wearing her shoes as often as possible throughout the film. The color palette, sound design and camera movements speak for her when it comes to her true inner estate, the idea was to keep the shots simple and continuous, dialogue to a minimum, and to have the story mainly rely on the ambience and audiovisual aspects of the film.

Final Experience

“I must say that Martha’s Day has been one of the best experiences on set I’ve ever had. The environment, crew, talent and generally the energy and process on set (including pre-production) was very fluid, clear, calm and filled with candid memories. What’s very particular for me about this project is that, only after watching the final cut, was when I realized that the story and metaphorical concept behind Martha’s Day was a direct reflection of a healing journey I needed to embark at the time. Thus, I hope this film in some way also touches someone else’s soul and it touches mine.


Visual Style & Design Standards    ---

Color was an important yet subtle component of the creation of this piece, warm colors in the background reflect Martha’s inner estate as well as the colder tones throughout the film may reveal her innermost moments of turmoil.
Martha’s house speaks louder than she does, a place with character, with a wide range of tones, shapes and textures that accommodate her story.

Awards and nominations    ---

  • Hollywood International Golden Age Festival: Semi-Finalist
  • The indieFEST Short Awards: Official Selection
  • The Dance of Cinema Film Fest: Winner for Best Director & Cinematography
  • Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival: Official Selection

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