The personal journey of discovering and internalizing self worth. This project is meant to recognize the importance of body positivity and self-acceptance by portraying visual metaphors that exhibit the internal thoughts of the protagonist as she dives into the profound depths of her inner voice, which leads her to question the boundaries of her own self love.
My role

Director of Photography


Emily Ann Scott

Are you ready? Grab the popcorn!
The Challenge

Self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness are the three most important topics for healing, yet the least talked about. This project is based on a poem I wrote long ago while on my personal journey of self discovery, the main objective was to choose the right visual metaphors that could properly transmit the weight of the poem’s words.

Strategy & Approach

This was a last minute project that I impulsively decided to shoot while I was visiting LA for the screening of another project of mine (Martha’s Day), therefore there was a lot of intuitive guidance when it came to the decision making of the visuals and the practical execution of them. I was grateful to have a supportive team to help me make these abstractions a reality on the screen. The main idea was to visually portray the state of the psyche during the inner journey of self-acceptance.

Final Experience

“Visual Poetry:Self Love” is the first microfilm out of five from the Visual Poetry series. A project meant to take poetry to a different level of self-expression and connection with others. The colors, tempo, textures and expressions are there to birth the poem’s words and the experience behind them.


Visual Style & Design Standards    ---

The visuals, rhythm and the sound design are all there simply to serve the poem. More than its words, the main factor behind the design’s decisions was to remember the feelings, sensations and visual metaphors that led me to write this piece.
The textures such as smoke, explosive balloons, projections and a lot of water, carry the metaphors of the emotional sensations behind the stanzas.

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