Projecting melodies through physical expression: Our bodies have the gift to incarnate visual reflections of sound and emotions. In order to share and express rhythms with each other we must discover and embrace our own inner rhythm first.
My role


Director of Photography



Sofia Subero

Lian Kizner

Idania Quezada

Steven Prescod

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The Challenge

The original idea was to make each dancer represent with their movements one individual layer/instrument of the song. However, the dancers were so talented that it made me realize that the real core and soul of this project was to portray the song through the pure canvas of the human body without any rules or limitations.

Strategy & Approach

The idea is to show the essence of the song not just through traditional dancing techniques but also through the mere movement of body parts that are often overlooked; then combining all of these individual movements to create a complete somatic piece of expression.

Final Experience

To tell a message through somatic body movement can be an abstract task. It’s up to the interpretation of each individual to understand the message that the dancers ought to express. The dancer’s choreography and editing cuts of the film were done with the intention to focus on the internal experience of the movement rather than the external appearance of it.


Visual Style & Design Standards    ---

The representation of self love through body movement was one of the key factors during the decision making of this piece’s creation. The composition is meant to be minimalistic and colorful in order to focus the attention on the dancer’s moves and freedom of expression.
The editing process was a bit of a challenge since there was so much material to choose from, the idea was to sync their most profound movements with the music as much as possible, yet without losing track of the masked message of the project.

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